What Is A WARP?

A WARP is a community based service where members can receive and share up-to-date advice on information security threats, incidents and solutions.
WARPs can assist in identifying victims of e-crime, anonymising the detail of the crime and sharing this with other vulnerable people / groups. In addition a WARP can act as a resource via which victims or those at risk of e-crime can seek advice and support.

Filtered Warnings Service

The Filtered Warnings Service enables WARP members to receive security related Warnings and Advisories that are filtered, based upon each individual's area of interest. Security information from a number of information sources (such as Microsoft, US-CERT and Symantec), are categorised against a list of possible information subjects for relevance and urgency and then disseminated by the WARP operator in a timely manner.

The Filtered Warnings Service takes information from many sources. This information is processed by the WARP administrator to add local information and value, and then distributed to only those WARP members that have expressed an interest in data within specific categories. This service requires a number of capabilities, including:

  • The ability to record WARP member subscription information.
  • The capability to receive alerts from various sources.
  • A method of creating warnings and advisories for the WARP community in a standardised form.
  • The ability to distribute the created warnings and advisories to the correct WARP members.
This service delivers the 'Warnings' part of the Warning, Advice and Reporting Point.

Advice Brokering Service

The Advice Brokering service provides the WARP members with the ability to set up a dialogue amongst themselves, in a secure environment. Members are able to ask each other for advice on information security issues or offer good practice guidelines based on their own experiences. One way of facilitating dialogue is to use our WARP on-line bulletin board. The bulletin board is monitored by the WARP operator, who is proactive in furthering discussions and summarising any topics of interest. After removing anything sensitive, summaries are issued as news items through the Filtered Warnings Service or suitable training organised to help give the WARP that ‘personal touch’. This can triggers the WARP operator to identify and research topics of common concern, and locate sources of solutions.

The Advice Brokering service allows members to offer their experience or skills to other members, possibly on a barter basis, where one has done work in area that another is contemplating.

This service delivers the 'Advice' part of the Warning, Advice and Reporting Point.

Reporting Point

The Trusted Sharing service creates a trusted environment to facilitate the sharing of sensitive information, such as incident or threat data. WARP members must have confidence that any information they share will not cause them harm or embarrassment, otherwise they may not be inclined to share information at all. Sharing sensitive information allows members to be made aware of information that would enable them to take timely preventative action, benefiting from other members experience. Just one timely early warning of a major incident would more than justify any costs of WARP membership.

This service delivers the 'Reporting' part of the Warning, Advice and Reporting Point.
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