About WARP

The WARP Network is a Cyber Security Hub and was formed as part of an initiative by the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastrucutre (CPNI), to develop an Information Security Sharing Network . The hub is currently based in Wolverhampton, at the University of Wolverhampton's School of Technology Building.

The WARP initiative is a means of improving cyber security by stimulating better communication of security alerts and warnings, raising awareness and to encourage incident reporting. Sharing information in a trusted secure environment will reduce the risk of information systems being compromised and therefore reduce the risk of data breaches to organisations.

Why is a WARP Needed?

  • There is a huge daily volume of security information generated to help protect IT systems.
  • Keeping on top of this information is time consuming and often a luxury some cannot afford.
  • Community members often lack the opportunity to share best practice and advice despite common needs.
  • Lack of trust inhibits the sharing of sensitive information about problems with attacks on their IT systems.
  • Solutions to some of these problems exist but can be costly.

Why are WARPs Effective

  • Deliver customised early warnings.
  • Members exchange advice and best practice within the community.
  • Provides a trusted environment for sharing incident reports.
  • Provide all of the above cost-effectively.

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